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How art affects the brain and why it matters for your home open

Many people think of art as ‘something nice to hang on the wall’ but evidence suggests that art (whether it is a landscape, portrait, still life or abstract) actually creates a physical reaction within the brain.  Professor Semir Zeki, from the University College London, conducted an investigation into the impact of art on the human brain.  He discovered that when people view art the part of the brain associated with pleasure becomes activated.

Potential buyers visiting your home will be actively thinking about room size, location, layout and how well your home will fit the needs of their family.  These are the facts they need to consider before making a choice to proceed or move on.   However, as they walk through the property they will inevitably begin to experience some sort of emotional response to the space.

A positive emotional response can leave them feeling a sense of fondness or attachment to the property, which in turn, could lead to them putting down an offer. 


Things to consider when choosing art for your open home

1. Do I have to buy new art?

You do not have to go out and buy new artwork for your walls for your home open.  Speak to one of the team at Ballard and we will put you in touch with galleries and interior designers who can loan you an art work that is suited to your space and needs.

 2. What colours should I choose?

The impact of colour on mood and the atmosphere of a room has been well documented, but as well as colour it is important to consider how much light the room gets and whether that is natural or artificial.  The way the light works within the room will also impact the colour choice and the final feel of the space.

3.  How big should the artwork be?

The ideal size of the artwork will depend on the space available and what other things are already on display within the room.  At Ballard Property, we work with a number of very talented interior designers who would be more than happy to help you choose the right piece to compliment your space and provide just the right impact for your room.


Art and your open home

Your open home is more than just a chance to let potential buyers size up the space.  It is your opportunity to provide a canvas on which they can project themselves and their family. 

By using the power of art to create a positive emotional reaction in your potential buyers you are helping them to experience the possibilities beyond the measurements.


Company News


Ballard Property would like to say a big welcome to the new staff members joining our team.

In Property Management, we would like to welcome Matthew Wilson taking on the role as Senior Property Manager. Matthew has 5 strong years of experience within property management, and we believe that with his strong work ethic, he will complement our property management division.

We would also like to welcome Vanessa James and Ryan Smith to our residential sales department. Vanessa has taken on the role of Sales Executive, Associate to Bill Bridges and Ryan Smith Sales Executive, Associate to Mark Lowe.

We would like to offer them our warmest welcome and look forward to many successful years ahead with Ballard!


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