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Did you know, that if tenants are not woken by a correctly functioning smoke alarm, there is a 57% higher likelihood of property loss and damage? Worse still, research indicates that a third to a half of house fire deaths could have been avoided by having a working smoke alarm and practised escape plan...


Don't put your tenants and your landlord’s asset at risk. Manage your duty-of-care and your obligation by law, with Smoke Alarms Australia.


Did you also know that if you do not comply with the relevant smoke alarm legislation and regulations, your insurance company may have the right to deny you cover in the event of a fire which results in injury or death of the occupants of a residence?


Each state of Australia has legislation governing the responsibility of the managing agent, the landlord and the tenant with respect to smoke alarm installation and maintenance, but unanimously smoke alarms are required to be installed and maintained:

- At the commencement of any new tenancy agreement

- Annually (as per the manufacturer’s warranty)

- At alarm malfunction

The Supreme Court has found a managing agent was liable to a tenant for personal injury for not properly inspecting a property before it was leased out, despite a general indemnity from the landlord to the managing agent.


The bottom line is that maintaining a smoke alarm is much more than just replacing a battery and for as little as $0.27 per day it’s simply not worth the risk of putting this important duty in the hands of anyone but the experts.


We understand your landlords don’t appreciate surprises and we also understand how much additional work it is for you to get approval on every little extra charge. That’s why we charge one all-inclusive $99 annual fee to your landlords. Some companies charge a lower annual fee, but every time an alarm needs replacing you have to get approval from the landlord to pay the additional charges (which can be anywhere between $30 up to $135 for a hard wired alarm!). Our service is simple. We don’t advertise cut price services with hidden fees and extras. There is absolutely no more to pay! We include:


Checking the location and number of alarms required as per building codes

Checking the expiry date of each alarm and replacement if necessary with Australian Standard photoelectric alarms

Replacing all alarms that are not properly functioning (including hard-wired alarms!)

Cleaning the alarm and replacing batteries

Testing each alarm with artificial smoke

Issuing a compliance certificate

Schedule return within 12 months (or at new tenancy agreement)

We don’t advertise cut price services with hidden fees and extras.

There is absolutely no more to pay!

And it's simple.

We manage the entire process for you!


Step 1  

With your agreement, a letter (on your letterhead) or email is sent to your landlords requesting authorisation for Smoke Alarms Australia to service the smoke alarms in their property.


Step 2  

Upon receipt of authorisation, we arrange a convenient time (directly with your tenants) for our technicians to service the alarms.


Step 3  

We issue you with a certificate of compliance for each property serviced. By partnering with Smoke Alarms Australia your agency is 100% compliant because:


A certificate of compliance is issued for each property serviced or; the landlord has assumed responsibility for their own compliance by not authorising the service you have recommended.


Original article sourced from, Somke Alarms Australia






Water Compliance

The NSW Office of Water is responsible for managing the state's water sources. A key part of this responsibility is ensuring compliance with water management legislation to enable the secure and sustainable sharing of water between users.


While most water users follow the rules and meet requirements, some people carry out illegal water activities – sometimes these actions are deliberate and sometimes they happen because people do not know the law. Water theft and harming a water source can threaten water supplies for legitimate water users and harm the environment, and are serious crimes.


Compliance policy

The Office of Water Compliance Policy explains how we work to prevent, detect and stop illegal water activities. This includes:


  • Assisting the community to understand their water rights and how to comply with the rules
  • monitoring water related activities to identify potential breaches
  • Investigating alleged breaches and taking appropriate enforcement action when a breach occurs.

Our compliance policy aligns with the NSW Government's commitment to applying an outcomes and risk-based approach to regulation.


What you need to know about water compliance

Download the factsheets below to find out how compliance with water management laws may apply to you.

- Regulated activities, offences and penalties 

- Compliance powers 

- Monitoring compliance 

- Investigating alleged breaches 


Help stop illegal water activities

You can also play a role in water compliance. Information you provide could help stop illegal water related activities in your local area. Download the factsheet below to find out more about reporting an alleged breach.

Help stop illegal water activities.

To make a confidential report, please contact the NSW Office of Water on 1800 633 362 or send an email to


Find out about water users' views on water compliance

Independent researchers from the Australian National University and University of New South Wales conducted a social research survey to examine water users' views and experiences with the regulation of water extraction in NSW. A report of the survey results has been made available to the NSW Office of Water.

The NSW Office of Water provided support for the research including help to develop the survey. The survey results will help the NSW Office of Water identify opportunities for strengthening its focus on regulatory outcomes.

Read the report of the survey results: Water extraction in NSW: Stakeholder views and experience of compliance and enforcement 


Convictions, warnings and compliance announcements

Media releases are located at the DPI media centre.

The NSW Office of Water is committed to protecting the state's water resources and can use a wide range of enforcement measures under the Water Management Act 2000 depending upon the circumstances and significance of a breach. These include warning letters, penalty infringement notices, stop work orders, remediation notices, licence suspension or cancellation, and prosecution.

Penalty infringement notices can be issued for less serious non-compliance – $750

for individuals and $1500 for corporations. Prosecutions for serious non-compliance can lead to penalties of up to $1.1 million for individuals and $2.2 million for corporations.

gs and compliance announcements.


Original article sourced from, Water NSW Government


Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas From your Property Management Team at Ballard 


We would like to wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness. 

Our office will be closed from 1pm Friday 22nd December 2017 and we will re-open at  9.00am on Monday 8th January 2018.


In the event of an urgent repairs (please refer to clause 19 of your residential tenancy agreement), the following tradespeople will be able to assist:

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Thank you for your continuing support, and we look forward to working with you in 2018.